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CB700 drumkit?
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Poster CB700 drumkit?

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Last night I ran sound for my brothers big band, as I mentioned in another thread. But this thread is for the drummers.

The drummer he used last night brought a CB700 kit to the gig. I was a little disappointed at first, because I've always considered CB's to be crap, low end, entry level drums. WELL, I was proven wrong. When I spoke with the drummer about it, he said he was concerned with the weather and such, since it had been raining the past couple days. He didn't want to risk bringing his Gretsch kit out in that environment. Now this drummer is top notch around here, and what he did with that "cheep", "low end" kit, just about blew me away! What a phenominal drummer he is.

I asked him what he felt about using a kit like that, and before I could get the words out, he said, "well, like Buddy Rich used to say, a drum is a drum is a drum". That statement was never more true than after his performance last night.

He didn't spare any expence when it came to his snare drum though. After the gig, I talked to him about it. He showed me the drum and gave me the story behind it. He told me that he bought it from his former drum teacher, who just recently passed away. This teacher of his studied with Joe Morellow. We all know who that is! One day, before his session with Joe, Mr. Morellow told this guy (sorry I can't remember his name right now) to go down and tune up his drums for him. He said, pay special attention to the snare drum, make it sound real good. So he went down and tuned the toms up the way Joe liked them, and when he got to the snare, he took it out of the basket, and noticed some things about this drum. There was writing inside, just above the bottom bearing edge. "this drum made for (insert the guys name). And, there was a tag on the outside, above the air vent grommet, which was engraved with the same thing! Joe had this drum made for him, and wanted to surprize him with it! What a gift!

The drum was a typical 14 X 5 1/2, 10 ply maple, natural finish, fitted with newer ludwig bowtie lugs. Beautiful drum to say the least. And the sound was amazing!

He let me pick up the drum and put it away for him in it's case. When I looked at it, sure enough, there were those words inscribed in the shell, and on the custom tag. All I could say was, man I felt like I was holding a small part of drumming history. And I WAS!

Remember my thread about holding drums? Well, That was one moment I will not soon forget. A great drum, made especially for Joe's student, and handed down to another student.

OK, I'm done. Anyone else have an experience like this? Like playing on a famous drummers kit?

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