David Lauser
Sammy Hagar
Country of Residence:
United States
David Lauser is best known for his work with Sammy Hagar. Davidís studio debut was in 1981 for Sammyís first Geffen release, Standing Hampton. This ground breaking recording included some of Hagar's best material to date, including Iíll Fall In Love Again, One Way To Rock and Heavy Metal. David toured throughout the early 1980s with Sammy and went on to record two more Geffen releases, 3 Lock Box, and VOA, the latter featuring Sammyís signature song, I Canít Drive 55. In the fall of 1985, Sammy decided to join forces with Van Halen becoming their new singer and front man. However, shortly after finishing their first tour, Sammy immediately began working on what would become his ninth solo studio recording, I Never Said Goodbye, released in 1987. David was invited to play drums, joined by Eddie Van Halen on bass guitar, recording Hagar classics like Eagles Fly and Give To Live. Fast forward to the present and you can catch David live and on record as the driving force behind Sammy Hagar and his band affectionately dubbed, The Wabos and his own band, Alliance, an all-star band with members from Boston, Night Ranger and Keith Emersonís, Emerson Lake & Palmer!
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