David Beagley
Occupational Therapist
Country of Residence:
"The HealthRHYTHMS research was great and supported evidence-based best practice. This helped in building support from managers and staff."

David Beagley lives on Vancouver Island, BC in Canada on the beautiful west coast. Having had a long term interest in health and wellness spanning conventional and complimentary approaches, David studied in Australia, the U.S.A. and in Canada.

"As an Occupational Therapist, Health Rhythms Facilitator, Martial Arts instructor, Meditation trainer, Reiki teacher, husband, father and grandfather I have come to
recognize that if at first if you don't succeed, then you're average. I continually aim to balance and enrich my life and share with others."

In September 2005 I participated in the Health Rhythms training in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I continue to learn, enjoy and be surprised with the drumming path. Working with children and teenagers in a mental health short-term inpatient unit usually meant that there was something unexpected each week. But when a young man,who normally avoided talking about his feelings, volunteered to play the rhythm of anger on his drum and then played how it transitioned into irritation and "getting by", I was stunned. Now I include the inspirational beats regularly in my groups.

Current Program
At Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health, Victoria, BC, Canada.
- Rhythm and Drumming groups using the Health Rhythms Protocol. Two groups a week, one for teenagers and one for children.

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