Doug Sole
Endorsed Drum Circle Facilitator
Country of Residence:
Recognized as one of North Americas Leading Corporate Drum Circle Facilitators and Trainers, DOUG SOLE is also a successful author, co-owner of Soul Drums Ltd, and a Remo Drum Circle Facilitator. He has lead events nationally and internationally for over 14 years with up to 3,000 players in size. Doug has designed courses for and trains teachers to fulfill the new challenges in today’s educational Curriculum. Since the 1990’s Doug’s forward thinking helped spawn and grow new markets for hand drumming and the drum circle phenomenon. He has enjoyed great success with his comprehensive and unique CD’s, DVD’s and books entitled “The Soul of Hand Drumming”, and “Human Rhythmic Energy “. His innovative use of the African “TUB” notation made it possible for many other books and people to share rhythm knowledge for both the musical and non-musical communities on the World Wide Web. Doug is honored to have worked with co-facilitators at his events including Michael Babatunde Olatunji, Arthur Hull, Giovanni Hidalgo, Christine Stevens, Glen Velez, Vinx, Members of Stomp and others. Doug has had much success in the professional speaking industry. His platform of Community Building and Values Integration is sought after by many clients. Considered as a pioneer in establishing benefits for the corporate client, his program has served communities ranging from The Auditor General of Canada, many levels of organizations within the Canadian Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments including many fortune 500 companies and Boards of Education in Canada.
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