Tomoko Yokota
Orange Boom Boom / RhythmCafe
Country of Residence:

Tomoko ‘Tomtom’ Yokota is based in Matsuyama on the island of Shikoku in Southern Japan. She is a member of DCFA (Japan Drum Circle Facilitators Association). She is also co-founder of a major drum circle group in Japan, ‘Orange Boom Boom’ (founded in year 2005) with two other leading facilitators, covering the Northern, Central and Southern parts of Japan. As a response to the success and increasing demands for her drum circle work within her local community, Tomtom has founded her own non-profit organization ‘RhythmCafe’ in 2004, delivering joy of music making and working energetically towards building a healthy community.

For the past five years, Tomtom has worked with people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles both in Japan and internationally, including drumSTRONG ’09, a 27 hour drum-a-thon held in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her work with children has encompassed circles for working mothers and their infants, kindergartens, elementary, junior-high, high school and college students, as well as learning disability classes. Tomtom has organized and facilitated “Drum about Japan” events with Arthur Hull in Japan and introduced Japanese drum circle strategies to based facilitators at Remo center in Los Angeles.

She has completed Remo’s HealthRhythms® programme and has organized successful drum circles for mental health programme, physically challenged groups, hearing impaired students, elderly and pregnant women at maternity clinics.

Equally adept at facilitating a very small to a large group of two thousands, Tomtom continuously promotes drumming as a means of empowerment, communication and a dynamic force for healing.

Tomtom has appeared on both public and network television in Japan and was featured in the May, 2008 issue of “Percussion Magazine”.

Tomtom is a veteran stage performer, with many concerts throughout her long career. She's also had long experience as a keyboard arranger, a capella singing instructor and is a student of “Tsuzumi” a traditional Japanese drum used in Noh drama.

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