Freddie Bonjar
Country of Residence:
United States
Born in Tehran, Iran to a cultural family, Canadian raised drummer FREDDIE B is one of the most sought-after musicians in Los Angeles" busy and active music scene. At 28, with nearly 11 yrs of performance and touring experience, Freddie has brought an un-precedented feel to the popular music scene as well as having served along side major middle eastern and international acts which range from NANCY AJRAM & MANSOUR to Saber Alroubai, the BC salsa and many more also recently scoring motion picture soundtracks for major american networks.

If not busy programming drums and percussion loops in a home studio in his Los Angeles suburb residence, you can find him doing studio work / live performances for some of your favourite international talents including MOIN, MANSOUR, ANDY MADADIAN, BLACK CATS, Me & my Giant....and many more!! Freddie's professional career started at the age of 16 after having performed for famed iranian artist MAHASTI. This was followed by two yrs of orchestral training at the renowened " British Columbia Conservatory for Music". Today, after finishing school at UBC in Vancouver, Canada, he is the founder of NEW VISION ENTERTAINMENT in California with affiliation to some of the leading names in the business including SONY, WARNER and Iranian record label AVANG. New Vision as a whole is responsible for tour planning and management, concert and event promotions, artist work placement, international talent scouts as well as online and personal music instructions thought by some of the leading talents in Los Angeles.

Freddie's professional resume is an indication of his persistence in attaining the highest level of musicianship both on & off the stage, first with a " perfect performance " then by bringing an orchestral and compositional thinking to his drum kit while at the same time retaining his integrity as one of the most powerful performers with a great imagination and a great ability to swing through all genres of music. As the winner of the NAMM SHOW " Young Artist of the Year" in 2006, Freddie holds a personal interest in spreading his musical and cultural heritage to the world. This cause is further realized through corporate sponsorships with REMO INC and SABIAN CYMBALS. Freddie B is currently the touring percussionist for Iranian pop sensation MANSOUR. To catch a live performance, look for concert dates in your area.

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