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St. Louis Music Awarded Distributor of the Year from Remo, Inc.


Throughout their History, Remo, Inc. has awarded Dealers and Distributors on occasion for their excellence in supporting the Remo product line.  They felt that 2009 was really an incredible year for them and many of their partners in that it was a year that everyone really came to terms with the state of the economy and rose up to the challenge.  By doing so, many had accomplished big things despite the economic challenges we've faced the last few years. “When we saw such optimism and growth in times like these we felt compelled to recognize it”, Brian LeVan, Remo’s Domestic Sales Manager, admitted.
Remo’s 2009 Distributor of the Year, St. Louis Music had quite a year in 2009.  With the expansion of US Band into St. Louis Music, Mark Ragin and his team accomplished amazing things in expanding not only their own business but their Remo business very quickly and effectively.  Brian LeVan added, “Congratulations to all of them for their success and hard work and all of us here at Remo, Inc. are honored to have them as a partner.” 
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