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 Remo congratulates the 2010 DCI World Championship Artists.

This past August 12th – 14th, Drum and Bugle Corps from all over the United States and Canada competed at the DCI World Championships held in Indianapolis.

Congratulations to the Phantom Regiment led by Paul Rennick for winning the Fred Sanford High Percussion award for the 3rd time in 5 years.

10 of the Top-12 DCI World Class Finalists are Remo artists.

Remo is the choice for more Drumcorps, Marching Bands, Educators, and Perfomers world wide.

Remo congratulates the following corps on an outstanding season



Special Thanks



Erik Johnson, Brian Tinkel , Carl Eppler, Adam Clay,

John Brennan, and Adolf Degrawe

Snare:BlackMax Tenor:Suede Emperor Bass:Smooth White Ambassador

Carolina Crown


Lee Beddis, Kevin Smith, Ian Hale, Jim Coates,

and Eric Sabach.

Snare:WhiteMax Tenor:Pinstripe Bass: Custom Graphic

The Cadets


Colin McNutt, Iain Moyer, Jason Inhat, Ian Grom,

and George Hopkins

Snare:WhiteMax Tenor:Pinstripe Bass:Smooth White Ambassador

Phantom Regiment


Paul and Sandi Rennick, Ellis Hampton,

and Rick Valenzuela

Snare:BlackMax Tenor:Renaissance Bass:Powermax

Santa Clara Vanguard


Murray Gusseck, Matt Ramey, and Jeff Feidler

Snare:BlackMax Tenor: Pinstripe Bass:Smooth White Ambassador

Blue Stars


Thom Aungst, Neil Larivee, Brad Furlong,

and Howard Weinstein

Snare:BlackMax Tenor:Pinstripe Bass: Smooth White Ambassador

Boston Crusaders


Omar Carmenates, and Tom Spataro,

Snare:WhiteMax Tenor: Pinstripe Bass: Smooth White Ambassador

Madison Scouts


Brian Perez, Jim Ancona, Jeff Lee, Jeff Spanos,

James Mason, Dann Pertersen, and Chris Komnick

Snare:Whitemax Tenor:Suede Emperor Bass:Powermax

Blue Knights


Jeff Ausdemore, Paul Weber, Pat Amman, and Mark Arnold

Snare:BlackMax Tenor:Pinstripe Bass:Smooth White Ambassador



Rob Ferguson, Brian Fronzaglia, and Brian Hickman

Snare:Blackmax Tenor:Rennaisance Bass:Ebony Powermax



Glenn Crosby, Rick Barclay and Mark Richardson

Snare:Blackmax Tenor:Pinstripe Bass: Powermax

Pacific Crest


Matt Altmire, Ariel Campos, Kelly Flickinger, Andy Bill, Brian Stockard, Dan Wahl, and Stuart Pompel

Snare:Blackmax Tenor: Pinstripe Bass: Ebony Ambassador



Tom Linder, Les Wong, Sean Gordon and Ray Mar

Snare:Blackmax Tenor:Pinstripe Bass:Smooth White Emperor

Jersey Surf


Rich Hammond and Robert Jacobs

Snare:Blackmax Tenor:Pinstripe Bass:Powermax



Ronnie Lagrone, and Sal Leone

Snare:Cybermax Tenor:Pinstripe/Suede Emperor Bass:Powermax




Open Class



Oregon Crusaders


Jeff Bush, Micah Bruse, and Mike Quillen



Chris Dufault, Michael Newman, and Richard Rigolini



Carlos Botello and Johnny Rodriguez



Geoff Summers and Tom Maiello

7th Regiment


Mike Blancaflor and Tim Rall



Landon Ewers and Ibe Sodawalla



Chris Green

SCV Cadets


Nate Bourg and Robert Nieves

Remo congratulates all of the participating DCI corps another outstanding season.

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