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 A Tribute to Karl Bruhn

Karl Bruhn has passed on; leaving a legacy that will not be easily equaled. The results of Karl’s efforts will be a part of our music products industry forever.

It was my good fortune that I began a close working friendship with Karl just at the time that he was leaving his position at NAMM. Fortunately for all of us he never retired.

Karl’s concepts were interesting to see develop, a pleasure to implement and to see them take shape. He was a deep thinker and had the logic and wisdom to envision things that had not been done before. He cared a great deal for our industry and its people.

Of course, we will miss him and for those of you who did not have an opportunity to know him, will unknowingly miss him the most.  - Remo D. Belli Founder and CEO Remo, Inc.

Remembering Karl Bruhn tribute by Peter Giles

Karl T. Bruhn, 'Father of Music-Making and Wellness' Passes Away (Yamaha release)

Remembering Karl Bruhn (NAMM release)

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