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The 2011WGI World Championships were held this past April in Dayton, Ohio. Remo was there to catch all the action and support the many young performers and instructors who play Remo, the Greatest Heads in Drumming.
RCC won the Silver Medal in the PIW division. 
Led by Remo Artist Sean Vega, their show entitled, “Hope, Dream, Fly”, was an amazing presentation of musicality and visual design that included giant paper airplanes. Congratulations to director Gary Locke, the entire staff and members on an outstanding season.
Pulse Percussion led by John Mapes, Ian Grom, and director Danielle Collins, brought home the Bronze Medal with their show entitled, Generation Next.
Rounding out the rest of the division were Blue Knights (Jason Keeling), United Percussion (Chad Moore, Esq), Matrix (Rob Ferguson), Infinity (Tom Hurst), Palmetto Percussion, (Erik Crook) Eastside Fury (Jason Inhat), OC Indoor (Mike Stevens), and The Creek (Matt Verburg).
Dartmouth HS, led by Tom Aungst and featuring custom Remo graphic bass drumheads, won the Silver Medal in the PSW division with their show entitled “The Siren’s Song”, about a mythological tale of sailors on a high seas voyage.
Center Grove HS led by Josh Torres won the Bronze Medal with their show entitled, “Slither”.
Additional Remo finalists include, Chino Hills HS (John Mapes and Ian Grom), Ayala HS (Ike Jackson, Sean Gordon, and Bryan Nungaray), Los Alamitos HS (Ian Grom and John Mapes), and Walled Lake HS (Nick Pourcho)
Santa Clara Vanguard, led by Nate Bourg, won the Gold Medal in the PIO division with their show entitled “The Wave”, about the spirit of the ocean.
Stryke Percussion led by Scott Hughes won the Silver Medal with their show entitled, Pressure. This marks Stryke’s third consecutive year as a medalist.
Pulse Open Percussion, led by Joe Enriquez, made their inaugural debut winning the Bronze medal with their show entitled “One Foot in Front of the Other”.
Additional finalists include, Minnesota Brass, (Joel Matuzak), Green Thunder (Dave Dombeck) also featuring Remo Custom Graphic bass drumheads, Tates Creek (Brian Flack) and Boston University (Mike Wasielewski)
Pacifica HS Led by John Mapes and Ian Grom, won the gold medal in the PSO division with their show entitled “Not What, But How”.
Additional finalists include, Norwalk HS (Chris Rivera) and Escambia HS (Terry Sanders)
Vegas Vanguard won the Bronze medal in the PIA division. Led by Brian Howarton, they made their first trip to WGI with their show entitled, “For Honor and Glory”.
The Ayala HS concert percussion ensemble, led by Bryan Nungaray, Sean Gordon, and Ike Jackson, took home the Bronze medal in the PSCW division.
Remo would like to congratulate all WGI participants on another outstanding season. For more additional information about WGI and the WGI World Championships, please visit
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