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Remo Developes Professional Quality Drumheads For Other Brands’ Congas And Bongos

REMO® Inc. is continuing to break new ground in the market of head replacements for the traditional drumset as well as the revolutionary drumhead discoveries for congas, bongos, djembes and a multitude of other hand percussion instruments. The worlds’ top percussionists’ use REMO drumheads for the sound, feel and benefit of the low maintenance. As the Latin Jazz Legend, Paulo Sanchez, says, “I don’t have to play as hard to get the big sound I need.” For these reasons hand drummers all around the world are using REMO World Percussion drumheads on their drums. It stands to reason if veteran conga, bongo and djembe players use and endorse REMO drumheads that aspiring drummer can benefit too. With REMO’s commitment, working with some of the world’s top musicians, you can expect the best sound and feel for your instruments.

The new Remo “S” Series targets smaller conga sizes (10” Quinto, 11” Conga and 12” Tumba) and bongo size 6 _”, 8” sets as well as the 7”, macho (small), 8 _: embra (large) bongo sizes. The Remo “S” Series heads are designed with a shorter collar to fit the popular curved counterhoops. A compatibility chart details sizes and drum models with a description of fit for all Remo World Percussion drumheads.

The “S” Series relies on the same open channel system that has established REMO WEATHERKING™ drumset heads as the benchmark since 1957. This new series takes advantage of the same FIBERSKYN® 3 and NUSKYN™ materials used in professional models and fits LP Aspire, Toca Player series, Pearl Primero series & Meinl Headliner series congas and bongos.

Fiberskyn Conga Bongo

Nuskyn Conga Bongo

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