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REMO™, Inc. Announces New Packaging for their Diverse Line of Tambourines

Valencia, Calif. – All REMO graphic and standard tambourines will soon feature attractive, blister-style packaging. This new pack consists of a clear plastic shell and a back panel. The back panel can be removed and replaced easily, allowing customers to play and hear the drums, and stores to maintain their displays with minimum effort. The back panel features a tambourine lesson on its reverse side, complete with pictures and simple instructions; the new Remo World Percussion graphic theme is on the front.

“The new World Percussion graphic theme draws together several of REMO’s current graphic elements and combines them with dynamic new color and line,” commented Lane Davy, REMO V.P. of Sales and Marketing. “Our goal was to create a look that drew the eye of the consumer and quickly identified what they were looking at as a REMO World Percussion product.” According to Davy, the graphics will be used on all new World Percussion packaging, and previous packaging designs will gradually be updated. The new graphic theme is very distinctive and will also be incorporated into many REMO World Percussion marketing materials.

The clear plastic blister shell allows the customer to distinguish between the various Remo tambourines and displays the unique, high-quality Graphic Tambourines to their best advantage. REMO Economy Tambourines will be packaged in basic shrink wrap with a hang tag attached for merchandising on slat- and peg-wall hooks.

REMO Tambourine Packaging

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