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Four New World Percussion POPs from Remo

Valencia, Calif. – In response to retailers’ needs for new tools to enhance sell through, Remo Inc has developed a Point-of-Purchase (POP) display with four different configurations of products.

Suitable for display on either slatwall or a countertop, the new World Percussion POP displays are approximately 14” wide, 12” deep, and 24” tall They come completely assembled, stocked with product and ready for display. They feature the new World Percussion graphic theme which, in the words of Lane Davy, Vice President of Marketing “…is attractive, dynamic and will unify our product line in the minds of consumers.”

The Bongo Head POP is stocked w/ the new “S” Series bongo heads. These heads are designed to improve the sound and playability of entry level drums by using the same drum head materials top professionals use. They are a perfect fit for LP Aspire, Toca Player, Pearl Primero, and Meinl Headliner Series. The world’s top percussionist use Remo drumheads, and now aspiring drummers can use these top quality heads as well. Also included are 25 World Percussion Drumhead Guides and a laminated Remo Head Selection Guide to be mounted on the store counter top for easy reference by customers and store personnel.

A variety of SOUND SHAPES™ populate the Sound Shapes Variety Pack POP display. Colorful and easy to play, these instruments have become very popular with teachers, parents and their kids.

Two RHYTHM TOOLS™ displays are also available; the Rhythm Variety Pack, and the Click Clack Pack. The Variety Pack features a selection of Remo’s innovative Rhythm Tools, suitable for beginners and pros alike. The Click Clack Pack contains one of the most popular Rhythm Tools, the Click Clack, a cross between a maraca and a tambourine.

About the direction of marketing at Remo Inc, and these POPs in particular, Lane Davy comments “Maintaining a focus on the needs of the retailer has never been more important. We feel that these displays and their products can be a versatile and effective new tool to help them reach their goals.”

Bongo Head Display

ClickClack Pack

Rhythm Tools Variety Pak

Sound Shapes Variety Pak

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