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Once again, Remo is the Choice of Champions!

11 of the Top-12 DCI Division 1 Finalists are Remo artists.
21 of the 24 Division 1 corps are Remo artists.

For their World Championship performance, The Cadets used:
White Max snare batter
Falams 2 Kevlar snare side
Clear Pinstripes (Crimplock) on tenors
Smooth White Emperor (Crimplock) on 6” tenor
Smooth White Ambassadors (Bass Drums)
Hazy, low-profile steel insert Tympani heads (TC-LA)

Remo congratulates the following on an outstanding season:

The Cadets: Tom Aungst, Neil Larrivee, George Hopkins and Mike Pfeil
The Cavaliers: Bret Kuhn, Jim Bailey and Jeff Fiedler
Phantom Regiment: Paul Rennick, Sandi Rennick and Pat Seidling
Blue Devils: Scott Johnson and David Gibbs
Madison Scouts: Colin McNutt, Iain Moyer, Lee Beddis and Sal Salas
Carolina Crown: Brian Tinkel, Brian Turner and Kevin Smith
Santa Clara Vanguard: Murray Gusseck and Rick Valenzuela
Boston Crusaders: Rich Viano and Howard Weinstein
Blue Knights: Pat Amann and Mark Arnold
Glassmen: Chris Hestin and Brian Hickman
Spirit: Clint Gillespie and Ken Bodiford
Colts: Ryan Thomas and Greg Orwoll
Crossmen: Darren Hazlett and Larry Markiewicz
Capital Regiment: Kevin Murphy and Richard Bays
Southwind: T.R. Fitz-Gibbon and Mike Loeffelholz
Seattle Cascades: Rob Lewis and Sal Leone
Mandarins: John Zarco, Les Wong and Ray Mar
Pacific Crest: David Henkel and Stuart Pompel
Esperanza: John Mapes and Alan Cox
The Magic: Chris Romanowski and James Newman
Kiwanis Kavaliers: Joe Kuerzi and Doug Darwin

Congratulations to Division 2 winner East Coast Jazz (Charley Poole, Jr.) and Division 3 winner The Raiders (Matt Kentosh).

The Cadets 2005 World Champions
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