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Remo® Inc. takes Drumometer to the World

Valencia, CA – Drumometer and REMO Inc are proud to announce that they have entered into a
worldwide distribution agreement to distribute the exciting new product, Drumometer Model II. Drumometer was inspired by a drum clinic that Boo McAfee attended in Chicago during the 1975 Summer NAMM Show. As an impressionable nineteen-year-old, Boo listened while Barrett Deems proclaimed to be "The World's Fastest Drummer.” Suddenly through the crowd echoed, "Oh Yeah! What machine did you use?" As Boo turned to his left, he quickly realized that the gentleman questioning Mr. Deems’ claims was none other than the legendary Buddy Rich.  For the next twenty four years Boo could not get this picture and the seemly unanswerable question by Mr. Rich out of his mind.

In 1999, Boo teamed with electrical engineer and drummer, Craig Alan, and built a
working proto-type which was first publicly shown at the 1999 PASIC in Columbus, Ohio. The excitement that the Drumometer proto-type generated with the students was absolutely phenomenal! Since then, Drumometer has been seen on nearly every major TV network in the US and on the BBC in the UK.

The fun, yet educational Drumometer, is a great way for instructors and students to gauge their progress, while building one’s timing, technique and speed. Drumometer is endorsed by Mike Mangini, Johnny Rabb, Kenny Aronoff, Dom Famularo, Johnny Lee Lane, and Matt Savage and is the basis of the extremely high octane, World's Fastest Drummer competition.

Drumometer will be a featured attraction at REMO Booth #507 at this year’s PASIC, November 2nd through the 5th in Columbus, Ohio. Everyone is invited to stop by and give it a go! 

International distribution will be facilitated by Remo Asia out of Taiwan ( or 661-294-5600), while domestic distribution will remain with Drumometer ( or 888-891-7352). For more information please visit and

Drumometer™ Model II

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