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Remo® congratulates The Cavaliers on winning the 2006 DCI World Championship
Special thanks to Jim Ancona and Jim Casella for an outstanding year

Congratulations go out to The Phantom Regiment and Remo artist Paul Rennick for winning the Fred Sanford High Percussion Award.

Congratulations to Division 2 Champion The Academy: Chris Evans and Wardell King

11 of the Top-12 DCI Division 1 Finalists are Remo artists.

Remo congratulates the following corps on an outstanding season:

Div 1 Corp Score
Special Thanks
The Cavaliers 97.200
Jim Ancona, Jim Casella and Jeff Fiedler
Phantom Regiment 96.850
Paul Rennick, Sandi Rennick and Pat Seidling
Snare:BlackMax Tenor:Renaissance Bass:Powermax
Blue Devils 96.550
Scott Johnson, Jim Wunderlich and David Gibbs
The Cadets 93.075
Tom Aungst, Neil Larrivee, George Hopkins and Sean King
Santa Clara Vanguard 92.350
Mike Jackson, Brian Mason, Allan Dekko and Jeff Pearson
Blue Knights 90.125
Pat Amann, Jeff Ausdemore and Mark Arnold
Snare:WhiteMax Tenor:Pinstripe Bass:Powermax
Carolina Crown 89.975
Brian Tinkel, Ray Linkous and Kevin Smith
Madison Scouts 87.700
Colin McNutt, Iain Moyer, Lee Beddis and Sal Salas
Boston Crusaders 87.325
Rich Viano, Olin Johannessen and Howard Weinstein
Glassmen 86.000
Chris Hestin and Brian Hickman
Snare:BlackMax Tenor:Pinstripe Bass:Powermax
Spirit of JSU 84.825
Clint Gillespie and Ken Bodiford

Div 2&3 Corp
Special Thanks
The Academy
Chris Evans and Wardell King

Chris DuFaults and Peter LaFlamme

Oregon Crusaders
Chris Whyte, Alan Keown and Mike Leone

Vanguard Cadets
Kohei Mizushima, Nate Bourg and George Brown

Blue Devils B
Vinnie Angelo and Rick Odello

Memphis Sound
Trey Moore

Tim Overturf and GM Kuzma

The Raiders
Matt Kentosh

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