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Djembe? Tubano? Bongo? Conga? Or Doumbek? Why not have them all?

Valencia, CA - The Modular drum with the Ergo-Drum System™ produces authentic fundamental sounds when using the Modulator Tubes like a quinto, conga, Remo Tubano®, Doumbek, Darbuka, Shime Daiko, Hira Daiko and more.

This unique drum with the Ergo-Drum-System is built with a durable lightweight, Acousticon® drum shell material and an ergonomically designed counterhoop and bearing edge featuring a recessed tuning system. The Modular drum is equipped with Remo’s synthetic SKYNDEEP™ weather-resistant Calfskin graphic drumhead which produces warm bass tones and bright slap tones.

This light weight portable drum can be played for hours in complete comfort and amazement as you change drum sounds just by switching the modulator tubes. The modulator tubes very the volume and tone depending the length and air flow through the tube. Modulating the tones is easy with the rapid change Modulator tubes and disk included in Modular Drum pack. Just thread directly onto the drum with a simple twist, and presto, you’ll have a new sound

Playing the Modular Drum is fun and easy as it can be played on a table top, in a snare stand, on you lap or straddled between the knees. It can also be played standing clipped onto a shoulder drum strap or seated using our wire drum stand. It also can be played as an excellent practice drum when using the included Muffle/Shaker.

Multiple drum sounds in one…
The Modular Drum Kit comes complete with three Modulator tubes, muffle foam for quiet practice, a disk plate, plus a custom carrying bag, and tuning key. The Modular drum pack comes with the SKYNDEEP™ drumhead; factory equipped with a thick drumhead and an additional thin drumhead to create more sound variations. Modulator Tube sizes 6”x4.5”, 8”x 4.5”, and 14” x 4.5”. Muffle foam 4.5”x 3”

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