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Remo Debuts Nuskyn® Symphonic Bass Drumheads

Valencia, Calif--Constantly expanding the range of tone colors for percussionists, Remo introduced its revolutionary and patented NUSKYN® films for conga, bongo, & djembe heads which, unlike the bright, cutting sound of the company's popular "FIBERSKYN® 3" drumheads, produce warm, spacious tones with unmatched tonal depth and complexity.

Kicking off the NUSKYN line for the ensemble market in 2005 are SYMPHONIC BASS DRUMHEADS. While sharing many of the responsive characteristics and nuances of its hand percussion counterparts, NUSKYN Symphonic Bass Drumheads feature a rich, dark, sound spectrum, even when played with a wooden mallet. Virtuoso timpanist and percussionist, Jonathan Haas, the Principal Percussionist of the American Symphony says, ""The heartbeat of the orchestra just got stronger than ever, with its NUSKYN Bass drumheads." Jonathan also teaches at NYU, Juilliard, the Peabody Conservatory and the Aspen Music Festival.

Ideal for studio and motion picture recording as well, NUSKYN produce a thunderous, booming sound on Bass drums as small as 28".

Size Model No. MSRP
28" N3-3028-00 $89.25
30" N3-3030-00 $102.50
32" N3-3032-00 $115.75
36" N3-3036-00 $146.75
40" N3-3040-00 $253.75

Nuskyn® Symphonic Bass Drumhead

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