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Remo’s new Ergo-Drum System Soloist Doumbek with External Tuning

Valencia, CA - After 2 years in development, Remo® has perfected the External Tuning Soloist Doumbek. It has a newly designed drum shell, unlike any other in the family of Doumbeks. This new model is available in three sizes; 8”, 9”, and 10”, each with their unique Metalized™ finish.
The Soloist Doumbek features Remo’s Skyndeep® Fish Skin graphic drumhead seated directly on the Acousticon® drum shell bearing edge. This intimate contact with the drum shell produces a unique, pronounced doum-bass tone and bright tek tone. Tensioning of the drumhead is achieved with two counter hoops, one place on the top of the drumhead while pulling the lower counterhoop upward against the drum shell.
The External Tuning Soloist Doumbek can be played in the traditional horizontal position, as well as between the knees with the external counter hoop supporting the drum. A special shoulder drum strap accessory is also available, allowing the drummer to be mobile while playing.
Size                Finish           
8”         White/Nickel-Silver
9”         Black/Copper
10”       Garnet/Copper
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