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Remo’s New Tunable GONG DRUM, Impressive Sonically and Visually.

Valencia, CA - Ever-innovative REMO Inc. has done it again with the addition of the Gong Drums, a series of unique tunable percussion instruments for use in a wide range of playing situations.
Remo’s tunable Gong Drum is constructed using Remo's proprietary aluminum and ABS large frame ring and RENAISSANCE® drumhead film which is now tunable.
Each Gong Drum is tuned for optimal sound before leaving the Remo factory Gong Drums are available in three diameters; 32”, 46”, 60”.Sonically these instruments are like no other, and visually they are equally impressive.
The tunable Gong drum is mounted on a durable steel frame stand that disassembles easily for transport and with 3” wheel casters making it easy to move around in a performance area. The center of the drum produces a very low fundamental tone, while playing the edge of the drum generates a very high crisp, yet resonant sound. Stands are available for all sizes.
They have already been featured at Disney’s California Adventure and Universal Studios Japan as well as a number of large corporate presentations because of their powerful presence visually and musically.
32" Gong drum with Stand
46" Gong drum with Stand
60" Gong drum with Stand



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