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Remo Responds to Public Demands for Corporate Environmental Responsibility with ECO-Seal Announcement

Valencia, CA- Remo, Inc. has announced that its new REMO ECO-Seal will become the global mark of its ongoing recycling efforts. The ECO-Seal represents the active role Remo plays in developing innovative waste reduction technologies that also still maintain and advance product performance and quality.
Public demands for corporate environmental responsibility have intensified and Remo, with this latest ECO-Seal announcement, remains at the forefront of visionary innovation. In revolutionizing professional drumming with the invention of the first successful, non-animal skin drumhead in 1957, company founder and CEO Remo Belli transformed the music performance industry. Prior to the development of this synthetic skin drumhead, drum kit drummers faced ongoing performance and tuning challenges that fluctuated with changes in temperature and humidity. Remo responded to these challenges with its introduction of the WeatherKing® synthetic drumhead, which allowed drummers to play with unprecedented confidence through all-weather conditions with superior dynamics and tonality. The WeatherKing® revolutionized the drumming world and was quickly adopted as the drumhead of choice by iconic music groups, such as The Beatles.
Following its introduction of the market’s first synthetic drumhead, Remo continued on a trend of innovation and development. By 1983, the company had developed a proprietary technology which changes industrial wood waste products into Acousticon® drum shells with superior shell consistency, lighter weight, and greater durability than traditional wood drums. Remo Acousticon® drums are hand-manufactured with 100% recycled wood fiber in the USA.
The popularity of Remo’s synthetic drumheads also extends to the global world percussion community. Since avoiding hand injury is top concern, many hand drummers now favor the superior surface quality and responsiveness of Remo’s synthetic drumheads. Many top percussionists, like Grammy Award-winning Remo artist Poncho Sanchez, credit Remo’s synthetic conga drumheads for their career longevity.
As Remo Belli’s vision emerged, he continued his tradition of forward-thinking by funding landmark scientific studies that researched the connection between drumming as a tool for creating personal wellness and improvement to one’s overall quality of life. The research has shown that a specific group drumming protocol (HealthRHYTHMS®) can positively impact the immune system. These findings contribute to the global popularity of HealthRHYTHMS® group drumming program as a holistic wellness tool.

Since 1998, Remo Inc.’s tradition of innovation and its continued commitment to waste reduction and recycling has resulted in perennial California Waste Reduction Award honors.  With the announcement of its ECO-Seal, Remo, Inc. brings global awareness to an already-proven leadership in innovating technology, social responsibility and environmental awareness


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