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New Finishes on the Designer Series Key-Tuned Djembes

Valencia, CA – Remo adds new finishes to their Designer Series Key-tuned Djembes. The Designer Series Djembes are a perfect match, combining Remo Skyndeep® MONDO® drumheads and Acousticon® drumshells, made from 100% recycled wood fibers and finished with complimentary graphic images. New Finishes for the Designer Series Djembe product line are two finishes…Green Kinte Kloth, and Shadow Flame graphics. 
Playing Remo’s new Designer Series Djembes you’ll hear quality tones that only this djembe with the Skyndeep® drumhead can produce.  Be prepared to get loud volume, pronounced bass tone and slaps tone that cut through any ensemble.
Finish                          Model                               Size                       
Green Kinte Kloth      DJ-0014-32                24”x 14”
Shadow Flame            DJ-0014-35                24”x 14”


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