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Remo® Expands Patented Tucked Drumhead For Conga And Bongo

Valencia, CA - Remo, the world's only manufacturer of the tucked synthetic drumhead, is proud to introduce this breakthrough percussion design concept on its new tucked FIBERSKYN®3 conga and bongo drumheads. The ideal blend of tradition for tone quality and technology for durability, the tucked synthetic drumhead was first introduced in 2001 with NUSKYN® film, another Remo innovation.

Remo's patented tucked drumheads represent a major breakthrough in drumhead technology without equal in the industry, accepted by leading players as the only real alternative to maintain power and tone quality when replacing natural rawhide heads for congas, bongos, and djembes.

Remo's original glue channel FIBERSKYN® 3 has been the choice for top percussionists like Karl Perrazo and Raul Rekow of Santana because of its high overtones and exceptional projection. The tucked FIBERSKYN®3 drumhead retains all of the original tone qualities with the added durability provided by Remo's patented tucked construction.

Model Numbers

Tucked CONGA Heads

Tucked BONGO Heads
Size Model
Size Model
11" M7-1106-F6 7" M9-0715-F3
11.75" M7-1175-F6 8.50" M9-0850-F4
12.50" M7-1250-F6 9.00" M9-0900-F4
13" M7-1300-F6

"S" Series Tucked CONGA Heads

Size Model
10" M7-S100-F5
11" M7-S110-F5

REMO Tucked Fiberskyn Bongo Head

REMO Tucked Fiberskyn Conga Head

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