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July 8, 2009

For Immediate Release

Contact: Stephen Catanzarite
        Managing Director
        (724) 643-9004, ext. 1301

Lincoln Park and Remo to Sponsor Community Drum Circle
Up to 500 people expected for huge jam session July 23

The Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center is teaming up with Remo, Inc. – the world’s leading manufacturer of drumheads and high-quality percussion instruments and accessories – to host a community drum circle on Thursday, July 23. The event, which is free and open to the public, will be held in Midland’s historic Lincoln Park from 6:30 to 8 p.m. In the event of rain, the drum circle will be held in the gymnasium of the Midland Borough School District. The event is being held in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Summer School of the Arts, which the performing arts center is hosting July 12-24.

“A drum circle is not about professional music making, it’s about recreational music making,” says Stephen Catanzarite, managing director of the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center. “A community drum circle offers everyone, regardless of musical ability or experience, the opportunity to come together, express their selves, and have a great time by making a joyous sound.” Catanzarite says he’d like to see as many as 500 people turn out for the event, which will be facilitated by Barry Bittman, MD of the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute, and students from the Pennsylvania Summer School of the Arts.

Dr. Bittman, who is working to establish an international center for recreational music making at Lincoln Park, will be training Summer School students in the HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming Protocol, which he developed in collaboration with Remo. A neurologist and published researcher, Dr. Bittman has shown that the HealthRHYTHMS protocol can significantly increase the disease fighting activity of circulating white blood cells that seek out and destroy cancer cells and virally-infected cells. Along with conventional medical strategies, Dr. Bittman includes HealthRHYTHMS group drumming in disease-based programs at the Mind-Body Wellness Center in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

“The value of creative musical expression for quality of life improvement must not be underestimated,” noted Bittman.  Our research has demonstrated psychosocial and stress reduction benefits on multiple levels.  This unique innovative program represents far more than a music making experience— it exemplifies Lincoln Park’s deep commitment to the well-being of its students.”

Participants are invited to bring their own drum to the circle, or to use one of the drums that will be provided. Remo is shipping 6 crates of drums from Los Angeles to Midland for the event, and Lincoln Park will also be providing drums. For more information, contact the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center at (724) 643-9004.

Lincoln Park is offering the two-week “Pennsylvania Summer School of the Arts”  to help fill the void left by the recent cancellation of the Pennsylvania Governor’s School of the Arts, and to keep the mission of providing a free, high-quality residential arts education experience for Pennsylvania students available during the current economic downturn. 100 students from across Pennsylvania will be attending the program, which will offer an intensive two-week course of study in music, theater, dance, creative writing, and media arts.

 As the world’s leading drumhead specialist, Remo, Inc. continues to merge its ongoing commitment to serving the worldwide drum and percussion community with its growing dedication to developing instruments, programs, training, and research into the use of drumming as an effective tool for promoting and maintaining health and well -being.

The Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center is located 45 minutes northwest of Pittsburgh in Midland, Beaver County. Founded by Dr. Nick Trombetta who, as superintendent of the Midland Borough School District also pioneered the state’s first K-12 online public school (The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School), the facility opened in 2006 and is home to the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, a Pennsylvania public charter school providing a state-approved academic program along with professional training in music, theater, dance, creative writing, and media arts. The Center is also home to the Henry Mancini Arts Academy, and presents a variety of professional and student performances each year, including a 3-concert series with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.


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