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Salsa Conguero Jimmie Morales Joins Remo Artist Roster

Remo, Inc. is proud to announce the signing of Salsa Conguero (conga drummer) extraordinaire Jimmie Morales and introducing his Signature Series Congas that will be featured and this years NAMM show 2005. Jimmie Morales a native of Puerto Rico, one of the hottest countries for salsa, is the long time Conguero with the Gilberto Santa Rosa Orchestra one of the most popular and well respected Latin Orchestras in the world.

Remo is grateful that the great Poncho Sanchez, Grammy award winner and Remo Signature Artist, originally brought Morales to our attention based on his extraordinary musicianship. Hearing Morales play inspired Remo to design a conga drum for the salsa drummers of the world. The results are TREMENDO!

Jimmie Morales conga drums come in four sizes, 11", 11.75", 12.50", & 13.00" diameter, with a 28" height especially created for seated players. All Remo congas are manufactured with our proprietary ACOUSTICON™ shell and are reinforced for maximum durability. A high-density rubber mold on the bottom of the drum protects the shell from impact in professional applications. Conga Guards, assembled on all tuning lugs, protects the drum from unwanted scratches. Chrome hardware, curved counterhoops and a comfortable carrying handle gives the drum a classic salsa look. Available finish featured at the 2005 NAMM.

The Jimmie Morales Series Congas are available with both NUSKYN® and FIBERSKYN®3 Tucked Type 7 drumheads. The Type 7 heads are made like the traditional tucked animal heads, with the film wrapped around a steel flesh hoop for extra durability and longevity. This advanced drum shell material has excellent projection capabilities and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals. Added benefits are strength, weather-resistance and reduced weight.

Jimmie Morales Conga model numbers

With FIBERSKYN® 3 heads With NUSKYN® heads
11" Conga CG-5111-XX CG-5211-XX
11.75" Conga CG-5117-XX CG-5217-XX
12.50" Tumba CG-5112-XX CG-5212-XX
13.00" Super Tumba CG-5113-XX CG-5213-XX
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