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Remo Helps Raise Funds for Arizona Charities

Drum Circles Featured at McDowell Mountain Music Festival
by Danielle Feroleto

remo The Remo Drum Circle at the 3rd Annual McDowell Mountain Music Festival April 28 and 29 at Westworld in Scottsdale featured the Arizona Rhythm Connection, and helped groups of people at the festival enhance their experiences with a unique way to express themselves and have fun. Sitting in a circle or semi-circles, participants played any percussion instrument they chose. REMO Inc., a manufacturer of drums and percussion instruments, provided the instruments or people could bring their own percussion instruments. No experience was necessary and all ages were welcome to participate.

Frank Thompson facilitated the drumming activities. He has been doing this for ten years. A facilitator helps keep the group going, much like a conductor. According to Thompson, without a facilitator, it is difficult for the participants to stay together.
The group starts with a basic beat, nothing too difficult. Then the conductor throws in some surprises for the fun of it.

He explained, “At any given time I might ask for all the tambourines to play. Or the bells. Or just the women. Or just the men. We put together lots of configurations and it’s really a lot of fun.”

Not only was it fun for the participants, it was a fun activity for festival goers to watch.

Danielle Feroleto, marketing director for the festival said, “We had more people participate this year than ever before. Sponsors like Remo contributed to the $100,000 we raised for Arizona children’s charities.
The event will be held again in 2007 on April 27 and 28 at Westworld. To keep updated on the festival, visit
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