Drumming Stress Away

Robert Friedman has been using rhythm to reduce stress in his clients for over 20 years.

Rhythm and Mentoring

Artists mentoring teachers to integrate arts into the school day

Drumming For Disadvantaged Children

 Mark Hunter from Creative Team Events tells the story of a very compelling experience.

The Power of Rhythm

 Therapeutic Drumming for Reducing Levels of Aggression and Depression in Children Deprived of Parental Care

CHALK Festival

 Autism Hwy raises awareness about autism

Indonesian Music and Mission Festival

Taking the Indonesian Music and Mission Festival to a whole new level

Music in the Western Sahara

 Music Together in the Western Sahara Playing drums with the Sahrawi population.

Levitt Pavilion Partnership

 Remo partners with Levitt Pavilions.

Rhythm in Education

How does rhythm empower educators and students?

Percussive Notes Article

 It's all about the Rhythm!

Venice Beach Drum Circle

A short video about the Venice Beach Drum Circle as told by long time participants.

Tubanos in Education

 Nancy Brauhn-Curnes does wonderful work with rhythm and special needs kids. She's also a big fan of the Remo Tubano. Here's a short story and a video about her work. Enjoy!

NAMM Drum Circle 2014

 400 person drum circle at NAMM supported by Remo Inc. with Arthur Hull. 

AARP Drum Circle 2011

Rockin' out at the AARP 50+ Event. Vital and engaged, this group gets down and tells about it too!

Drumming in Jamaica

 Here’s a partnership to bring drumming and music to a high school in Jamaica and the impact on the community and some of its youngest members

Drum Downtown LA

Los Angeles Music Center, Remo Inc, Drum Circles and Community! Cameron Tummel facilitates and everyone gets their groove on.

Stomp On The Roof DC

Arts and Services: Stomp on the Roof, at the Long Beach Community Hospital.

The Rhythm of Life

Wonderful short film of John Scalici, Remo Endorsee, facilitating drumming with special needs children & young adults in Alabama.

Rhythm on Rikers

Rikers Island is New York City's main jail complex. Remo Inc donated instruments to support a program facilitated by Make Music New York to bring drumming to the prison. Inspiring stuff!

Drumming With The Lost Boys of the Sudan

Even after you feel that you’ve been through so much that no one will understand you, there is still one universal language which everyone around the world shares: music

Nagoya holds Global Drum Circle

Rhythm is about timing; taking a sad occasion and turning it into a beat of transformation.

Rhythm Establishes Connections

by By John Scalici

drumSTRONG ’09

That wasn’t thunder filling the air – it was drumming!
by Lindsay DiCastrique

250 Nurses Drum to Community

by Megan Gunnell

Winter Guard International Drum Circle

Inside Out Camping Retreat

by Lauren Deck

Drumming in Mexican Prisons

by Luix Saldaña

Drum Circle for Newborns

by Tomoko “Tomtom” Yokota

Drumming with the homeless in Chicago

by Jane Bentley

Drum Circle for Burn Survivors

by Sammy K

McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2008

by Frank Thompson

The Spirit of World Drumming in Special Education Programs

by Jeff Stewart

59th Tree Planting Festival in North Akita City

by Takuya (Yamaha Music Trading, Japan)

Drum Facilitator Training Seminar Sydney Australia

by Arthur Hull

Singapore Drumfest

by Christine Stevens

Drum Circles at Children’s Hospital

by John Scalici

Race for the Cure and Pink Warrior

by Frank Thompson

Burning Bush Drum Circle

by Frank Thompson

100 Remo Eggs and Counting

Recreational Music Making in Iraq

Inter-Generational Drum Circle Programs

by Robin Stallings

The Magic of Just One Drum


11,000 Drumming Bash

Beyond Limitations: Drumming with Special Need Populations

by John Scalici

Anju's Poem

Colorado Symphony Orchestra

McDowell Mountain Music Festival

Iowa Groove

Alltel Pavilion Drum Circles

Rhythm and Drumming Empowerment Program

By John Scalici

Asian Drum Circle Tour - Hong Kong

By John Fitzgerald

Asian Drum Circle Tour - Taiwan

By John Fitzgerald

Asian Drum Circle Tour - Korea

By John Fitzgerald

Asian Drum Circle Tour - Japan

By John Fitzgerald

Asian Drum Circle Tour

By John Fitzgerald

Seattle World Rhythm Festival Kids

Drum Circles at Toyota

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