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drumSTRONG - Rhythm from Heart

by Scott Swimmer

“Not enough time!, Not enough support! No experience, no history! Not gonna happen!”

All too familiar refrains heard prior to the world’s longest “¡BEAT cancer Drum•A•THON!” held just outside of Charlotte, N.C. on May 5th & 6th, 2007.


Well, drumSTRONG did happen and with all of the support we could marshal in the five short months prior, we made a sound impression on the health complexion of our community, busted a Guinness World record and had a whole lot of fun!

People gleaned useful information from our cancer Health Fair exhibitors and picked up the extraordinarily positive vibe of the whole event and took home with them smiles and a desire to do more to help - we were powerfully successful. Much hope and good will was inspired.

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We grossed over $100,000. to date and over 1,100 people attended the weekend event. We kept rhythm in motion for exactly 25 hours.

At 4:54 PM, Saturday, May 5, 2007 in the rolling pastures of Misty Meadows Farm, Weddington, North Carolina, a dedicated group of 400 strong launched the first annual drumSTRONG event. With wife Carola, and sons Mason and Toby by his side, drumSTRONG founder, Scott Swimmer sounded the shofar to assemble the people and spoke the words “…drumStrong allows us to bring financial assistance and attention to cancer concerns, exhibit the local resources available to address cancer concerns and, at the same time have a blast doing it...

Scott, Carola, Toby & Mason Swimmer w/ Weddington mayor Nancy Anderson @ drumSTRONG kickoff

We will drum for at least 24 hours non-stop. Remember, there is no audience in a drum circle; everyone is part of the performance…

Cancer will crumble to the beat of our drums, as we will continue in the coming years to speak up for proactive measures to defeat it. Knowing ones enemy is the classic model for survival.

In the famous words of Mason Swimmer, ‘cancer sucks!’ …cancer is not an easy fix! It will take great community effort and financial support to make the ‘c’ monster a thing of history and something no body need fear.

SO, Drum to rekindle the fire of survivorship in you. Drum in honor of or in memory of or just out of the goodness of your hearts. Drum with hope of opening the eyes and hearts of more people to amplify efforts to find cures. Drum to respect and represent all the fighters and survivors who share this history :: Be Heard :: Drum Long :: Drum Strong”

The bon fire was lit, the large gong was sounded and the drumming began. People of all ages, in various stages of health, through ALL of nature’s challenges – played through the weekend.

Ever-present, ever-pleasant Arthur Hull and ever-ready Greg Whitt

Campers played in shifts through the night and wee hours of the morning and with kind, confident direction from the amazing Arthur Hull and Greg Whitt and by virtue of the strength in the dedicated hearts (and hands) of those that drummed; we kept rhythm in motion until 5:54 PM on Sunday, May 6, 2007; exactly 25 hours from commencement. We have lifted spirits, raised thousands of dollars and yes, we have established the Guinness Word Record for maintaining rhythm by more people for the longest duration ever.

We are definitely on for next year! Come play with us – May 3 & 4, 2008. Details and updates will post on

Also, with your financial help we can continue our efforts through drumSTRONG to assist local and national organizations to address cancer concerns. PLEASE continue to support drumSTRONG (registered 501(c)3). Donate online or mail your donation to:

DrumsForCures, Inc.
725 Providence Rd. Ste. #210
Charlotte, NC 28207.

Much good was shared:: cancer resource information, solid foundations of hope to those in the throes, smiles abounded and beautiful relationships established…

Arthur & Scott

What could be simpler, purer and more powerful than gathering a cause to the calling of drums?
We want to do this in your village – contact

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