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Do It! Play Percussion 

A breakthrough in music education, the “Do It! Play in Band” Method from GIA Publications features an expanded emphasis on cultural and musical diversity through the development of world percussion repertoire and technique. This advanced approach, co-written by leading studio percussionist and music educator Steve Houghton, integrates ethnic rhythm instruments with traditional drums and percussion to create a contemporary learning system that gives new meaning to the term “total percussion”. Only the “Do It!” drum method covers the extended African, Brazilian and Afro-Cuban percussion families with individual lessons and compositions for large and small ensembles as well as solo performances— exciting even the youngest musicians as it broadens their musical horizons.

Steve Houghton

One of the world’s foremost drum artists and educators, Steve Houghton’s extensive credits include live and recorded performances with Woody Herman, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Freddie Hubbard and Arturo Sandoval as well as leading solo appearances with symphony orchestras and wind ensembles. Steve is currently on the board of directors of the Percussive Arts Society (PAS) and co-chairman of the percussion division of the International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE). In addition, Steve’s commitment to education has included appearances at numerous high school and college music festivals around the world. Steve’s published drum books include “The Ultimate Drumset Chart Reading Anthology”, “MasterTracks” and “The Contemporary Rhythm Section”.

African Package PP-WMDC-FF
1 DJ-0012-PM 12” Djembé (KinteKloth)
1 DJ-0014-PM 14” Djembé (KinteKloth)
1 E1-1922-A4 22” Djun-Djun (Forest Green)
1 E1-2116-A4 16” Djun-Djun (Forest Green)
1 SR-0235-00 2” Shaker (KinteKloth)
1 29-2420-05 Gongokui (Double Bell)
1 29-2420-07 Shekeré

Afro-Cuban Package PP-WMDC-HH
1 TU-1112-PM 12” Tubano (KinteKloth)
1 TU-1110-PM 10” Tubano (KinteKloth)
1 CW-3007-VH 7” Valencia Bongo Bell
1 BG-5300-70 Bongos, pre-tuned (Black)
1 TB-1314-AC 13/14” Timbacos (Black)
1 29-2420-02 Guiro w/stick
1 29-2420-03 Claves

Brazilian Package PP-WMDC-GG
1 SU-3418-10 18” Surdo (Chrome)
1 TT-2212-58 12” Tan Tan, tunable (Cherry Red)
1 AG-2045-VA Valencia Agogo Bells
1 SR-0235-00 2” Shaker (KinteKloth)
1 SR-0335-00 3” Shaker (KinteKloth)
1 TM-1006-58 ” Tamborim, pre-tuned (Cherry Red)
1 PD-8110-58 10” Pandeiro (Cherry Red)
1 TM-3015-58 Baqueta (Black)

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