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Tuning Concepts

Bass drum tuning

The actual tuning part of tuning the bass drum is similar to other, smaller drums.  There are a few guidelines to keep in mind, however.

Batter Head:

  • After seating the head, try tensioning it above the target pitch before zeroing-in.  This will help you find an appropriate tension and avoid tuning the drum so low that it sounds flappy.
  • Use a Falam Slam pad for more “attack” and greater durability.  Be sure to line up the pad with the beater before adhering it to the head.

Front Head:

  • Tension it slightly lower than the batter head for maximum “boom”, higher than the batter for more “punch”.

Muffling - The Remo Adjustable Bass Drum Muffling System is another product developed with Dave Weckl.  Follow the pictures for instructions on how to install the system on your bass drum.

With the two halves of the Velcro stuck together, position each of the brackets where you want them.

Once you stick the Velcro in place, pull the two halves apart and give the piece that sticks to the bass drum an extra rub for secure adhesion.

Follow steps 1 and 2 for each bracket and put your muffling system in place.  Click here for more information.

Venting - As a general rule, we recommend cutting a hole in the front bass head only when necessary.  Cutting a hole in a drumhead causes the drum to dry out and lose sustain.  There are a few good reasons for doing it, however, such as mic placement for live or studio playing or having quick access to the muffling device.  You may even want a drier sound.  For these occasions, Remo offers DynamO’s hole-cutting templates.  Here’s how they work:

Stick one of these where you want the hole, and cut out the inside of the ring

You can use the counterhoop to raise the head off the ground while cutting as shown in the photo.  That’s pretty much it.  You'll need a fairly steady hand, but it's not a big deal.  One little tip though:  Although they come in white or black to match most front bass heads, it looks cleaner if you stick them to the underside of the head so you only see the vent from the audience.

If the idea of cutting a hole in your drumhead makes you nervous, Remo now offers bass drumheads with a pre-cut hole.  See your local dealer for details.

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