HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent Protocol Training
Feb 1-2, 2014
Valencia, CA

prerequisite: Basic Training 



The HealthRHYTHMS drum and percussion collection features Remo world percussion instruments used by doctors, nurses, music therapists, counselors, and other healthcare professionals for providing group and individual music making experiences in medical facilities, senior living facilities, and wellness centers across the globe.

Based on our special manufacturing processes, these drums are weather-resistant and can easily be cleaned with water and many cleaning agents/disinfectants without harm to the finish or sound.

The HealthRHYTHMS Collection includes the instruments needed for facilitating the composite group drumming program for up to 40 participants. A variety of bright colors and patterns make this culturally balanced collection of world instruments eye-catching and engaging. They simply look cheerful and call to be played. Our new HealthRHYTHMS Mini Collection includes all the instruments needed for a program for up to 20 participants.

Our Collections (PP-WMDC-HR & DP-0080-00) include three instrument components:

  1. Drums
  2. Rhythm Instruments
  3. Ambient Percussion

Contents of HealthRHYTHMS Collection
HealthRHYTHMS Collection
healthRhythms westmusic

Contents of HealthRHYTHMS Mini Collection
HealthRHYTHMS Mini-Collection
healthRhytms mini collection westmusic

Instrument Qty. Part Number
10" Tubano 2 TU-1110-H1
12" Tubano 2 TU-1112-H1
14" Tubano 2 TU-1114-H1
12" Tunable Djembe 2 DJ-0012-H1
10" Festival Djembe 2 DJ-FEMD-H1
12" Buffalo Drum 1 E1-0312-H1
Bongo Set (2 Drums) 1 BG-5300-70
22" Gathering Drum 1 E3-1922-H1

Sound Shape Circle Pack 6",8",10",12",14",16" 1 SS-1000-H6


Instrument Qty. Part Number
Apple Pack - 12 shakers 2 SC-APSM-12
Sr. Kelly Shaker 2 SR-0010-18
1" Diameter Clave 4 29-2420-03
2-tone Agogo Bell 1 AG-2045-VA
3-tone Agogo Bell 1 AG-3345-VA
6" Cowbell 1 CW-1006-VH
10" Tamborine 2 TA-5210-47


Instrument Qty. Part Number
16" Ocean Drum 1 ET-0216-H1
Thunder Tube 1 SP-0207-H1
5" Spring Drum 1 SP-0505-00


Instrument Qty. Part Number
Mallets 10 16-0140-70
Junior Pro Drum Sticks 3 JR-1000-5A
Black Djembe Stand 2 DI-6110-00

The Drum Table was originally designed to provide Alzheimer's patients with high quality vibrotactile stimulation and a meaningful activity that can improve quality of life. Inspired by the research of music therapists Barry Bernstein and Dr. Alicia Clair, the Drum Table can promote socially-interactive activities for individuals with other disabilities as well. It is currently used by a wide range of people with psychiatric or physical disabilities.

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