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How is HealthRHYTHMS different than a drum circle?



A drum circle is a group of people making in-the-moment music with percussion instruments, voice and movement. It can be as simple as three friends in a living room, or as involved as three thousand attendees at a corporate team building event.

HealthRHYTHMS is a research-based group drumming protocol which has demonstrated biological and pscyho-social benefits. HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming isn't about drumming, rather the drum is used as a tool for communication and personal expression. Though HealthRHYTHMS also empowers participants for "in-the-moment music making" it goes beyond and creates a platform for integrating other strategies for achieving non-musical outcomes as well. For this reason it is the Recreational Music Making program of choice for Planetree (Hospital Affiliate Network,, and is used around the world by doctors, nurses, therapists, ministers, teachers, musicians, drum circle facilitators, and more...

A couple of examples:

Doctors - Steve McLennon, MD offers HealthRHYTHMS for stress reduction.

Teachers - HealthRHTYHMS allows for rhythm-based general education curriculum integration, while simultaneously offering wellness benefits. Julie Bunucci integrates HealthRHYTHMS with her music curriculum.

More examples of HealthRHYTHMS applications

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