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The Eric & Deb Stuer Memorial Scholarship


The great 19th Century philosopher and psychologist William James once said:

“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”


Eric and Deb Stuer attended the 2006 HealthRHYTHMS Training, in Ft. Worth, TX. They both exhibited personal warmth and caring toward their community. It was notable that Eric was at times able to diffuse conflict with a smile, a kind word or unique inclusive observation. Deb was a talented photographer with a kind and honest spirit. We had hired her to photograph our training, and many of the photos which will be featured on our website were taken by Deb.


We were touched to learn that Eric & Deb were heading to Mississippi for a drum-a-bout last summer (2008). We pictured them lightening hearts there, as they had done so many times elsewhere. But we could not have imagined the tragic accident which took their lives. All of us at Remo, Inc. would like to express our heartfelt condolences to their family and close friends.


In their memory and to honor of their commitment to community and making the world around them a better place, Remo, Inc. is creating a HealthRHYTHMS Full Tuition Scholarship.


This scholarship will be awarded in January to a recipient who demonstrates the caring toward their community which was so abundant in the lives of Eric & Deb Stuer. The scholarship will be valid for any HealthRHYTHMS Training during the award year. The application deadline is December 15thEmail us for application guidelines.



Eric Stuer's RHYTHMWEB was created to further his personal mission... to further the use of rhythm, music, and percussion & related arts as a healing tool. This valuable grassroots network is still available online.

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