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Alyssa Janney, MBA

Health Program Development & Marketing 

I am proud to count among my responsibilities, the program management of a scientifically-developed, music and wellness program with proven health benefits. I have found that it inspires people, calls out their compassion, awakens self-expression and creates a powerfully nurturing environment. Like a stone thrown into still water, ripple upon ripple, group after group HealthRHYTHMS makes a difference.” 

Alyssa Janney was an entrepreneur at age 10, receiving recognition for her academic, business and music endeavors.  Her study of music created early opportunities for performance before national audiences in the US & Canada including performances for/with icons of stage and politics including: Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Williams, Alexander Godunov, John Connally, the US Marine Corps Band, Senator Robert Byrd and Senator John Warner, Governor John Dalton... 

The coalescence of her music & business interests culminated in a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business from Belmont University, a premier music business institution located in the heart of Nashville, TN and the site of the US 2008 presidential debate. After living and working around the Nashville music industry for 15 years she moved to Los Angeles, where she was recruited by Remo, Inc. and earned an MBA while working full time.

Alyssa is an innovator, a patented inventor and the pioneer of a local economic development model, the Contribute Coalition®, designed to strengthen local businesses while improving social welfare. 

Through her work at Remo she has presented at national conferences including: PTA National Conference, Planetree Conference, National School Boards Association and the American Music Therapy Association National Conference. She has been a featured guest for local and international radio broadcasts and webinars. 

Print media featuring Alyssa or her work includes: Christian Sound & Song, Rotarian Magazine, Music & Sound Retailer Magazine, Halftime Magazine, and Planetalk...



She has served on the Board of the Santa Clarita Valley Rotary Club and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Santa Clarita Valley Education Foundation and the International Foundation for the Healing Arts.

Managing HealthRHYTHMS for Remo, Inc. is a great honor for me. It gives me the opportunity to experience the passion and goodwill of so many incredible professionals from all walks of life, who use music-making as a vehicle to touch the lives of others.” 

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