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How Do I Become a Facilitator

Becoming a HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator does not require any special qualifications. We know incredible HealthRHYTHMS facilitators who span the gamut in both age and professional experience. But it may be helpful to read our philosophy of group drumming to see if being a HealthRHYTHMS facilitator is for you.  And if it is, you just need to attend our weekend training program to begin facilitating.

Group drumming is not about inspiring successful drumming -

    it's about inspiring successful living.

Group drumming is not about exceptional performance -

    it's about exceptional support and personal expression.

Group drumming is not about teaching people to play -

    it's about giving people permission to play.

Group drumming's best facilitator are not only talented musicians -

    they are caring, compassionate and intuitive guides.

Group drumming is not about acquiring technique -

    it's about sharing for the sake of personal EMPOWERMENT.



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