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Our Team


The HealthRHYTHMS training program is facilitated through a highly qualified team of leaders in the fields of integrative medicine, music & wellness, music-therapy, and business. This team stretches around the world. Our team consists of five essential components:

Program Development & Marketing 

Alyssa Janney, MBA, Health Program Development & Marketing Manager, Remo, Inc., Valencia, CA


Research, Training & Consulting

Barry Bittman, MD, Medical Advisor ~ CEO Mind-Body Wellness Center, Meadville, PA
Christine K. Stevens, MSW, MT-BC, MA, Music Therapy Consultant ~ Upbeat Drum Circles, Stevenson Ranch, CA
Margaret Sowry ~ Manager, Mind Body Wellness Center, Meadville, PA
Larry Dickson, MA, LPC ~ Director of Counseling, Mind Body Wellness Center, Meadville, PA
Frank Thompson ~ Founder, AZ Rhythm Connection, Phoenix, AZ
Arlene de Silva ~ CEO, Global Music & Wellness Coalition



Ami Belli, MD, Vice President & International Liaison for Health Rhythms, Valencia, CA

Angelo Remo Belli, MD, V.P. of Scientific Affairs & Medical Development, Remo, Inc., Tucson, AZ


HealthRHYTHMS Endorsed Facilitators
This valued component of our team consists of professionals from a variety of occupations around the world who have fully integrated the HealthRHYTHMS protocol into their work and/or personal lives. Remo, Inc. offers endorsement to a very limited number of the many highly qualified HealthRHYTHMS trained facilitators. We believe these individuals share our vision of the program and have had time to significantly integrate HealthRHYTHMS and the Recreational Music-Making Philosophy into their lives and work. These facilitators represent a treasure chest of knowledge and experience using HealthRHYTHMS with numerous populations, each expressed through their own unique professional credentials and experience. They may serve as mentors providing insights to other trained facilitators in their field of expertise. Due to the increasing demand for HealthRHYTHMS representatives at conferences, you may see them representing Remo HealthRHYTHMS in their communities. Find an Endorsed Facilitator.

Instrument Support 

Remo, Inc. is a manufacturer, and we are not involved in retail sales to the public. So to meet the needs of organizations and facilitators for consultation regarding instruments our team includes our US HealthRHYTHMS dealer partner - West Music from Coralville, IA. Jenny Winegarden is the hand percussion educational consultant for West Music. Jenny is HealthRHYTHMS trained, has a bachelor's degree in Music Therapy and has extensive experience with music-based  programs. She will be available for you to talk to about instrument features which complement the steps of the HealthRHYTHMS protocol during the training and afterward. 

International Instrument Support
HealthRHYTHMS Collections are offered through exclusive distribution agreements with distributors outside the United States. Any music products dealer may order them for customers through those distributors.

Japan - Music dealers contact Yamaha Music Trading to order HealthRHYTHMS Drum Collections.
Canada - Music dealers contact Direct Music Supply to order HealthRHYTHMS Drum Collections.
United Kingdom - EMD Music & Bell Percussion

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