Taiko drum stick
Remo’s multi use drums sticks are created for Taiko drums, and can also be used on bass drums like, dununs and large gathering drums.

Remo’s Bachi drum sticks feature the light weight Poplar wood, which is a soft wood that won’t damage the drumhead with prolonged playing. Remo’s Taiko drum stick feel comfortable with a natural, non-polished surface, which allows for the vigorous performance needed in this rich style of Taiko drumming.

Taiko master Hiro Hayashida recommends the 3/4" x 15" Bachi for the Katsugi Okedaiko, and the 1" x 18" for the Nagado Taiko drum.

Recommended application for Remo Bachi, Taiko drum stick Use Bachi, .75” x 15” for Katsugi Okedaiko Use Bachi, 1” x 18” for Nagado Taiko

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