Texture Target
Ideal for all cajons and suitable for other percussion products create brush and scraping sounds


Remo’s texturized film and substrate material create an ideal accessory application for all cajons. The Texture Target (Pat.Pend.) with Remo’s film technologies like the Ultratac produces brush and scraping sounds and can be played with hands, sticks or brushes.

Texture Target Application

Surface Preparation- The applied surface must be dry, dust free and cleaned of all oil, grease and oxidized materials. Most surfaces may be cleaned with a water base cleaning solution.

Application- Apply the Texture Target™ to the surface with firm thumb pressure starting from one side of the label and moving across the label, using firm pressure.

Caution- We cannot anticipate all of the different surfaces and contaminants that may exist. We recommend that the user conduct a test of surface preparation and label adhesion before applying Texture Target label. Applying on painted surfaces is not recommend. With time the adhesive may create a stronger bond removing paint and wood slivers.

Storage- Texture Target labels should be stored at 72°F (22°C) and 50% relative humidity. Storing labels at higher or lower temperatures may not provide the level of adhering performance you desire.

Product subject to change without notice

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