Concert Snare
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Only 5-mil, Thin heads are a longtime favorite for the most sensitive, pianissimo snare drum passages. Available in Fiberskyn® and Coated.

Diplomat® drumheads feature a single ply of a 7.5-mil Mylar film. Ideal for accentuated snare response with a warm, open, resonant sound.

The Skyntone drumhead is designed for use on snare drums for concert applications. The Skyntone™ drumhead is a fused poly-spun fiber 8-mil film with a natural skin look and feel. it has a warm gut-snare sound even when paired with standard wire snares. Skyntone is the closest to calfskin in appearance, sound and feel.

The Ambassador® features a single ply, medium weight 10-mil Mylar film. They offer outstanding response, articulation and projection.

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