Our most technically advanced film, Nuskyn has a comfortable sound, feel and warmth without unwanted overtones. Conga, Djembe and Bongo heads are available in a broad range of drumhead choices.

Crimplock Symmetry was created to add flexibility in our manufacturing while increasing available drumhead dimensions. This means, Crimplock Symmetry drumheads can fit more conga drum models from the various manufacturers in the industry

Crimplock World Percussion drumheads are Type 4 conga heads

Remo Tucked world percussion drumheads are a durable drumhead that can withstand the extreme amounts of tension that are needed for many of world percussion instruments

Remo MONDO™ heads are stronger, more durable and available in varying degrees of thickness from lightweight (resembling goat skin) to heavy (resembling mule or cowhide).

Remo WEATHERKING™ world percussion drumheads use a open channel system.

Sticked NUSKYN® heads are used for the REMO’s rope-tuned Japanese Shime Daiko and Okedo Daiko drums.

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