The Crimplock® hoop is a hybrid design combining a crimped leg over the WeatherKing® poured channel technology, locking the film into the collar for added strength, durability and tuning consistency in high-tension marching applications.

Clear Emperor® Crimplock® heads ar constructed with two-plies of specially selected heavy duty film for a total thickness of 15-mil. Increased tone, attack and projection. Loud and clear with maximum durability.

Featuring two 7-mil plies of Mylar® combined with a patented dampening process, the Clear Pinstripe® is legendary for its attack, projection and tone.

Combining the sound of the legendary Clear Pinstripe® Crimplock® tenor head with a bold, Ebony® film for a drumhead that looks as amazing as it sounds.

An instant classic combining two 7.5-mil specially-treated plies, in REMO®’s patented Crimplock® high-tension collar. Created especially for a distinctly warm, dry sound. Popular among many drum corps, marching bands and indoor marching ensembles.

Loud, articulate and melodic, BLACK SUEDE® Marching Tenor drumheads feature two plies of specially treated 7-mil film for a distinct, focused tone with a softer feel.

Warm, focused and distinct. The Renaissance® provides the look and feel of calfskin, with unparalleled consistency. Combining two free-floating 7.5-mil plies of specially-treated film, Renaissance® heads are the ultimate in tone, warmth and articulation.

Smooth White™ features outstanding projection with warmth and clarity. Two plies of 7.5-mil film provide an improved mid-range tone and projection.

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