Snare Side
Snare Side heads are available in a Clear Ambassador®, Smooth White™, and Ebony®.

The Clear Snare Side is a favorite for those seeking projection and tone, without compromising strength. Features a low-collar design capable of of withstanding high tension. The single-ply 3-mil Mylar® film creates the perfect combination of strength, snare response and attack.

The Ebony® Snare Side head features a heavier weight 5.5-mil Ebony® film for a darker, warm, dry tone. The low collar counterhoop design is capable of withstanding higher tension for drum corps-style applications, providing strength and durability with excellent resonance and projection.

The Falams® II features a Kevlar® weave laminated with Smooth White™ film. The Falams® II 7.5-mil construction can withstand extreme tension without choking the drum. Ideal for a crisp, dry, sharp attack.

The Falams® XT is ideal for situations where extreme tension is required for maximum articulation. Like the Falams® II, the Falams® XT features a Kevlar® weave laminated with Smooth White™ film.

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