Sound Shapes® are high-quality, affordable percussion instruments that are perfect for the classroom or daycare center. They come in a variety of geometric shapes and cool sounds that are as vibrant as their colors. Remo Sound Shapes® products comply with applicable government safety regulations and conform to the safety requirements of:
ASTM F963, EN-71 and HR4040 CPSIA. Made in USA. © 2010 REMO, Inc.

Safety rating: Age 3 years and older

The Sound Shapes® Circle pack is wonderful for all ages. Have fun creating your own rhythms. Sound Shapes are easily stored, portable and stackable. Five circular Sound Shapes: 6"/8.25"/10.5"/12.75"/15", 5pc.,RANDOM COLORS

Five sets of Sound Shapes® (25 drums in all), each color coded to size, allow easy orchestration of rhythms and facilitation of group activities

Sound Shapes with Comfort Sound Technology are tuned to be quieter than our regular Sound Shapes, and are great for places where sound levels are a concern. They have the beautiful, warm tone you expect from a Comfort Sound Technology product. Sounds Shapes are easily stored, portable and stackable.

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