Kids Make Music Instruments
Remo is the world leader in professional percussion instruments and synthetic drumhead, and has developed a complete line of rhythm instruments especially for smaller hands.

“Kids Make Music Instruments” are developed in conjunction with Lynn Kleiner, internationally renowned clinician and teacher of early childhood music education.

The OCEAN DISC™ re-creates the sound of the sea by tilting or shaking the colorful beads inside drum.

This high-quality durable drum makes it possible to create all kinds of sounds! This is no toy but a first class instrument! Kids love the look and sound of this shiny unique drum. For exciting music activities for the hand drum, see the Kids Make Music video!

Rugged and built to last, this easy to use and fun to play. The Lynn Kleiner tambourine has the highest quality sound and is sure to be a favorite for musicians of all ages!

Sure to be great fun as little ones "beat" this durable and colorful rainbow covered drum with handle. Short rainbow mallet too! It may be small, but the quality is the same Remo quality that the big musicians play!

Large 40" diameter drum for use by multiple children and/or adults. A Lynn Kleiner classroom favorite!

With mallet, this thick tone block is made of selected hardwood with a natural dark wood finish.

Perfect for little hands, this easy-to-hold shaker produces a crisp, rhythmic sound.

Securely attached large silver bell with cage and easy-to-grip loop handle.

Perfect for little hands!

This high quality triangle has a beautiful tone and you will enjoy the secure hanger that goes through the hole in the triangle so it stays with the triangle!

4 large nickel silver bells secured on heavy fabric for maximum child safety and the most musical sound.

Pair made of beautiful hardwood with a natural finish.

These smooth, thicker cymbals are safe enough for babies yet have the sound that professionals want!

This colorful glockenspiel has a very sweet tone quality that is accurately pitched with a diatonic range from C to C.

Great for creative movement and dance!

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