Remo’s modern Kanjira has the sound, look and feel of the original drum from South India


The kanjira is part of a rich and complex Indian classical drum legacy. This South Indian frame drum is an instrument used in classical Carnatic music. The kanjira’s shell was originally made from the jackfruit tree; its drumhead was constructed using the now-endangered lizard species Bengal Monitor, or Varanus Bengalensis, of India.

The original kanjira drum was naturally pre-tuned very high. In order to achieve a good bass sound, the performer would sprinkle water inside the drum to loosen its tension. This tedious process would have to be repeated many times during a single performance. The tone of the drum was also affected by climate changes which thereby required performers to carry multiple kanjira drums to ensure that at least one drum was perfectly tuned.

Remo has developed a modern kanjira using its proprietary Acousticon® drum shell made from 100% recycled wood fibers and feature specially developed synthetic, weather-resistant drumheads

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