Tunable Drum Table
The Remo’s Drum Table is now key tunable. It is constructed using Remo's proprietary ACOUSTICON™ drum shell material and RENAISSANCE® drumhead film.

Remo’s Drum Table has been in use for many years. The Drum Table has been a source of great enjoyment for Senior Centers, special educational programs and creative stage performances. Gather around the drum table and create your own rhythm experience. Each Drum Table is tuned for optimal sound before leaving the Remo factory. With normal use the drum will maintain relative pitch but, if you desire to change the pitch you can do so simply by using the 3/16” T-Handle Hex Key. Just insert the key into one of the 12 straight holes located on the bottom of the drum shell. Turn the key clockwise to raise the pitch, or counterclockwise to lower the pitch.

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