Remo's Standard Buffalo drums have been inspired by the indigenous cultures of the Americas. They come with a rope handle, a pair of mallet, and plain heads that can be self-decorated.

Remo’s Standard Buffalo drums are manufactured with Remo’s Fiberskyn® drumheads and patented ACOUSTICON™ drum shells. These drum shells produce the same tonal characteristic found on traditional wood shell drums with excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals.

Available in 8” and 10” diameters, manufactured with a Rope Suspension/Handle, and plastic handle mallet with a rubber ball.

Larger sizes 14”, 16” & 22” diameters are manufactured with a Rope Suspension/Handle, and wood handle mallet with a foam head.

You can play Remo’s Buffalo drum in virtually any weather condition and they will keep their pitch sounding great.

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