Okedo Daiko
Remo makes two sizes of Okedo Daiko, both with the specially developed NUSKYN® synthetic drumhead material for Taiko. Shells are made of ACOUSTICON™ and use a traditional rope tension system for tuning the drum. Durable and lightweight, they blend the venerable tradition of Taiko making with Remo’s latest advances in drum manufacturing.


Both the small and large Okedo feature drum shells made from Remo’s Acousticon™ and feature TYPE 10 NUSKYN® drumheads; stitched onto solid steel rings they emulate the traditional style of Taiko drumhead design. Both drums are tensioned by means of same rope tuning system used on Okedo for hundreds of years.

Okedo (“barrel” in Japanese), are so named because barrels are used for the drum shells. There are heads of cow or horse hide on both ends of the drum and ropes are used to tension them. While the largest Okedo are sometimes used as solo instruments in Taiko ensemble pieces, smaller ones are worn on straps over the shoulder and played in festivals.

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