Shime Daiko Rope Tension
Remo’s Rope Tension Shime Daiko features a beautiful wood grained Advanced Acousticon™ shell, stained and finished to a high gloss. The heads of NUSKYN® are stitched onto steel rings in the traditional manner.

If you like a traditional look for your Shime Daiko, you will appreciate Remo’s rope tuned drum featuring a durable white braided 5/16” rope. The only Shime Daiko to feature synthetic drumheads and Remo’s Acousticon™ drum shell that are lathe-turned and shaped in the traditional manner with a high gloss Burgundy wood finish. Remo’s Rope Tension Shime Daiko is constructed with contemporary materials making a perfect blend of tradition and innovations, creating a modern style drum. Remo’s Shime Daiko features the Type 10 Nuskyn® synthetic drumhead that is constructed like a traditional taiko head, stitched using a steel ring creating an authentic sound, look and feel without the pitch being affected with varying climate changes.

Traditionally the Shime Daiko is a rope tensioned drum carved out of a single piece of wood. Stitched heads of cow hide are either laced together or connected by a bolt system (a modern innovation) to facilitate tuning the drum. The Shime Daiko has been used as an accompaniment to Kagura, Noh, Kabuki and is also used in traditional folk music. They have become an integral part of contemporary Taiko ensemble performance as well, providing high pitched, fast paced rhythms.

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