Remo’s Taiko are inspired by the long-honored Japanese drumming heritage. They carefully follow authentic Japanese designs from the barrel-shaped Nagado Daiko to the contoured Shime Daiko.

Remo Katsugi Okedaiko, is lightweight and features the Skyndeep Natural drumheads

Remo’s Rope Tension Shime Daiko features a beautiful wood grained Advanced Acousticon™ shell, stained and finished to a high gloss. The heads of NUSKYN® are stitched onto steel rings in the traditional manner.

Remo’s wrench tuned Shime Daiko features a Turnbuckle-tensioning system making it very easy to tune.

Remo’s Tunable Nagado Daiko Siam Oak Wood drum is manufactured with Remo’s Nuskyn® drumheads, projecting rich warm tones.

Remo makes two sizes of Okedo Daiko, both with the specially developed NUSKYN® synthetic drumhead material for Taiko. Shells are made of ACOUSTICON™ and use a traditional rope tension system for tuning the drum. Durable and lightweight, they blend the venerable tradition of Taiko making with Remo’s latest advances in drum manufacturing.

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